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2307 Fenton Parkway #107-160
San Diego, CA  92108
phone: 619-990-7455
2307 Fenton Parkway #107-160
San Diego, CA  92108
phone: 619-990-7455


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PawUpZionk ***Zionk Needs ALL Our Help!!!!!***
One has to wonder how a puppy born with Type 2 congenital lateral elbow luxation (lack of a humeroulnar ligament) could find himself wandering around lost by himself in Downey, Los Angeles. Yes, picked up as a stray our sweet, 7 week old puppy Zoink had the odds stacked against him. Thankfully, the shelter contacted us and we made sure Zoink was safe. Now, he needs ALL OUR HELP, to get a much needed surgery to help him walk upright! Zoink needs surgery on both his elbows to help give him a chance at a normal life!.
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Please consider making a 100% Tax Deductible donation towards Zoink's surgery and medical care. No donation is to small and this lil guy is SO deserving!!! Please help us help this amazing baby!! Thank You!
Zionk says Woof!
PawUpEmily ***Emily Needs ALL Our Help!!!!!***
A generic black dog was on the streets of Los Angeles, scared and alone. A good samaritan was trying to help her when tragedy struck...she was hit by a car! Both of her front legs were damaged...she had surgery on the right leg but there was something she found herself at the Baldwin Park Shelter.
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One of our volunteers saw the video of the sweet girl we now call Emily and we knew we had to help her. There was no interest in her, no pledges, but we knew she deserved a chance at life, which at the shelter, in her condition, was not going to happen. We rescued Emily and now she is receiving the medical care she deserves. Emily has a VERY long road ahead of her. She is currently hospitalized with a massive infection, clear to her bone in both legs. The hardware from her first surgery is coming through her skin. She has daily bandage changes and they are trying to stabilize her left leg, which has nerve damage so she can walk on it as her right leg is completely unstable.
Emily will need surgeries once the infection has cleared. We are waiting on culture results so we know which antibiotic can knock this out. Please consider making a 100% Tax Deductible donation towards Emily's medical bills.
Emily says Woof!


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