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2307 Fenton Parkway #107-160
San Diego, CA  92108
phone: 619-990-7455

2307 Fenton Parkway #107-160
San Diego, CA  92108
phone: 619-990-7455



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Unleashed-Poway,Sat Nov 1st 11a-1p
Carlsbad Street Fair,Sun Nov 2nd 8a-4p
Pictures with Santa, Sun. Dec.14th 11a-4p

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Paw up, Please read their stories and donate ... PurpleLine

PawUpTonka ***Tonka Needs ALL Our Help!!!!!***
Tonka is just a baby, picked up off of Craig's List, this 8 week old baby got sick and was brought to our vet. We got a call this morning asking if we could help him...he tested positive for Parvo and his owner signed him over for euthanasia. When we heard that we knew we had to give Tonka a chance...
Please help us with Tonka's Emergency Medical Treatment! We were not planning on this but we couldn't say no. No donation is too small and Tonka needs all OUR help! Please consider making a 100% Tax Deductible donation towards Tonka's Medical Care!! He Needs ALL OF US!! - See more at: Click here to help Tonka

PawUpAustin ***Austin Needs ALL Our Help!!!!!***
Austin is a handsome, sweet, loving 5 year old (we believe younger) boxer mix who was on the euthanasia list at the Orange County Shelter. Austin was picked up with a LARGE, ulcerated mass on his testicles that was affecting his entire rear end and lymph nodes. He couldn't sit and laying down was extremely uncomfortable. The shelter gave us a few short hours to get him out and we did!
Now we need your help! We have done the tests, Austin is anemic from a chronic infection, lungs clear, abdomen clear and we need to have that growth and the surrounding area removed and biopopsied ASAP! Austin is one in a million and has as spirit and smile that is infectious. Please help us help him!
No donation is too small and it will go towards Austin's medical expenses. They are mounting but he deserves a chance at life! All donations are 100% Tax Deductible!! Please donate, share and help us help Austin! Thank You!
See more at: Click Here to donate

PawUpJoey ***Joey Needs ALL Our Help!!!!!***
Alone, scared and badly injured a lonely dog sat in Tijuana wating for someone to help. A good samaritan found him and took him to the vet. His injuries were far more than she could help and an email went out for a California rescue to help. We responded, something about his face haunted us. We knew he had been hit by a car, but had no idea the extent of his injuries. The broken dog from TJ would now be known as Joey.
It was tough getting Joey across the border, everyone thought he had been abused, but that wasn't the case. Joey had been hit by a car, where he sat, broken until someone found him. His hip was dislocated, back was broken, large lacerations on his legs, but even with all that he still a sweet heart.
Joey has had surgery to repair his dislocated hip, his wounds are healing and now comes the hard part. Joey needs a cart and LOTS of physical therapy. He does have feeling and sensations in his rear legs and we are hopeful we can help him be more mobile and have a good quality of life. Joey deserves that and so much more.
- See more at: Click Here to Donate and his video

Please consider making a 100% Tax Deductible Donation towards Joey's cart and ongoing medical care. Joey is what rescue is about and we can only help the dogs like Joey with everyone's help! Thank You!



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